Paul Orland

Computational Group Theory in F#

An educational submission for the 2019 Applied F# Challenge

F# is a great language for symbolic programming, and for modeling mathematical ideas in general. There are plenty of resources out there that cover simple examples, like building an algebraic expression and taking its derivative. My goal is to show a more advanced example that might be interesting to a professional mathematician (or physicist, or chemist, or other user of advanced algebra), and that may even persuade them to choose F# over a tool like Mathematica for their next project.

Unfortunately I suspect that F# is foreign to most mathematicians, and group theory is foreign to most F# programmers. I've tried to include some background material on both, but I've erred on the side of making this material accessible to the F# crowd. I hope I've managed to include enough detail to pique your curiosity, and maybe I'll get a chance to expand with some more articles in the future.

Background material

Main articles